Roster – Arsenal Cadets

Companies A and B


Thomas, John Peyre (Capt. ’51), Commanding officer (1833-1912) Superintendent and Professor of French, the Arsenal. Educator in NC, Superintendent of the Citadel, legislator, and state historian of SC.
Trinity Churchyard, Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina – Credit Ernest Everett Blevins -2004

Patrick, John Bellinger (1st Lt. ’55), (1832-1900) Professor of Mathematics, the Arsenal. High school principal in Greenville and superintendent of a military academy in Anderson.
“Forty Years a Teacher of Young Men”
Springwood Cemetery
Greenville, SC

Norris, Alfred Junius (2nd Lt. ’60), (1839-1900) Professor of Belles Lettres and History, the Arsenal. Attorney and bank president in Edgefield.

Edgefield Village Cemetery Edgefield, SC

Sams, Robert Oswald (2nd Lt. ’61), (1841-1930) Assistant Professor of Mathematics and French, the Arsenal. Educator in Spartanburg and Gaffney.

Knight, Benjamin H. (2nd Lt.), (1840-?) Bursar, the Arsenal.

Sams, Melvin Melius (Surgeon), (1815-1900) Physician in Columbia. Father of B.S. Sams.

Saint Helena’s Episcopal Churchyard
Beaufort, SC


Adger, Andrew Moffett (1846-1915) Charleston. Prior service with 25th Regiment SC Infantry. Cotton and rice factor and commission merchant in Charleston.
Buried – Second Presbyterian Church Cemetery –  Charleston, SC

Allston, Charles Petigru (1848-1922) Georgetown. Planter in Georgetown Co.
Son of South Carolina Governor Robert Alston (1856-1858)
Buried in Prince George Winyah Cemetery , Georgetown, SC

Allston, Thomas Pinckney (1848-1924) Georgetown. Planter in Charleston and cotton seed oil company owner.

Bacot, Daniel Huger (1847-1920) Charleston. Cotton and rice broker in Charleston in partnership with L.S. Jervey. Buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, SC

Baker, John E. (1846-1912) Charleston. Publisher in Charleston.

Barbot, Charles (1848-1877) Charleston. Accountant in Charleston.

Bates, Benjamin Franklin (1847- 1899) Spartanburg. Physician in Spartanburg. Buried in Cowpens Cemetery, Cowpens, SC
Dr B F BatesDr B F Bates

Bates, Lucius Bellinger (1846-1930) Orangeburg. Prior service with 2nd SC Artillery. Captured and exchanged 1864. Physician in Newberry and Orangeburg.
Buried – Saint Pauls Methodist Church Cemetery
Saint Matthews – Calhoun County – South Carolina

Bee, James Moultrie, Jr. (1846-1906) Charleston. Collector in Charleston.

Bettis, John Miller (1848-1916) Edgefield. Brother-in-law of J.H. Bouknight. Merchant in Trenton.

Blair, David G. (1846-?) York. Farmer in Chickasaw Co, MS.

Blakeney, Albert (1848-?) Chesterfield.

Bonney, Francis Broome Lee (1849-?) Kershaw.

Boyd, James S. (1848-1878) Beaufort. Farmer.

Boyle, Woodson. Fairfield.

Brooks, Duncan (1848-1872) Greenville.

Buried in –Springwood Cemetery
Greenville – Greenville County – South Carolina
Plot: Section B

Brown, Albert Ovid (1845-1865) Anderson. Died of disease Jan. 29, 1865 while Cadets were in service.

Brown, Charles J. (1849-?) Georgetown. Farmer in Bishopville.

Browning, Thomas Smyth (1849-?) Charleston. Farmer at Jedburg in Colleton Co.

Bulow, John Charles (1847-1876) Fairfield. In Summerville.

Butler, William Moses (1847-?) Clarendon. Prior service with Co. F. 5th Bn. SC Reserves. Farmer.

Campbell, Eli Scott (1847-1907) Lancaster. Methodist clergyman in Marion Co.

Carothers, William Meek (1847-?) York. Farmer in Dallas Co., AL.

Carpenter, William Willoughby (1849-1904) Charleston. Merchant in Charleston.

Carriere, Charles Edward (1849-1893) Charleston. Attorney in Charleston.

Chatham, Thomas Sumter (1846-?) Abbeville. Planter in Greenwood Co.

Colclough, John Ashby (1849-1899) Sumter. Planter near Manning.

Cunningham, Robert Noble (1846-1911) Charleston. Farmer near Waterloo in Laurens.

Cunningham, William Arthur (1848-1919) Kershaw. Farmer.

Davant, Augustine D. (1847-?) Beaufort.

Dean, James Lawrence (1847-1919) Anderson. Grocer in Spartanburg and Greenville. Brother of George R. Dean.

Dean, Leonard Yancey (1844-1934) 4th Congressional District. Prior service as Corp. with Co. B (Watson Guards), Hampton Legion. Lost arm at Gaines’ Mill, VA. Entered SCMA–detailed to QM Dept. after evacuation of Columbia. Schoolteacher in Edgefield. Cotton weigher and warehouser, insurance adjustor, and fire insurance broker in Eufaula, AL.

Dean, Mills (1847-1897) Spartanburg. Prior service with 22nd Regiment SC Infantry. Attorney in Washington, DC.

de Veaux, Walter Peyre (1847-1892) Charleston. Clerk in Charleston.

Dozier, John Francis (1847-1907) Georgetown. Prior service with 2nd Regiment SC Cavalry. Planter in Georgetown Co.

Edgerton, Joseph Ives (1848-1870) Charleston. Clerk in Charleston.

Elliott, Henry De Saussure (1848-1907) Beaufort. Prior service with Elliott’s Company (Beaufort Volunteer Artillery), SC Artillery. Attended College of Charleston. Became truck farmer and master of tugboats for Port Royal Sound.

Epps,John Law (1848-1916) Newberry. Farmer, schoolteacher, judge, and county treasurer in Newberry.

Evans, Benjamin Albert (1847-1902) Lancaster. Prior service with Co. C, 5th SC Reserves. Farmer in Jefferson.

Fishburne, Cotesworth Pinckney (1846-1909) Colleton. Farmer in Ashepoo. Brother of W.J. and L.N. Fishburne.

Fishburne, William Josiah (1848-1927) Colleton. Attorney in Walterboro; legislator.

Fisher, Walter E. (1849-?) Charleston. Clerk in Charleston. Alive in 1902.

Gaillard, Benjamin Sloan (1848-1910) Anderson.

Gaillard, Louis Leroy (1847-1925) Anderson. Farmer in Anderson.

Galluchat, Joseph, Jr. (1847-1886) Sumter. Attorney in Manning.

Gannon, Michael John (1845-1883) Charleston. Marble and stone business in Charleston.

Gantt, Earle Pickens. Prior service with Co. I, 1st SC Regulars. Merchant in High Falls, Oconee Co.

Geiger, William A. (1848-?) Lexington.

Grady, William Sims (1848-1927) Greenville. Cotton broker in Greenville.

Graham, Michael Willis (1847-1889) Barnwell. In Barnwell.

Graham, Thomas William (1849-1905) Horry. Planter in Horry County.

Grant, George (1849-1865) Horry. Left Cadets in early 1865 to enlist in Co. B. 18th SC Artillery BN. Never heard from after Bentonville.

Gray, Charles Jacob (1845-1920) Barnwell. Farmer and saw-and-grist-mill operator in Hampton Co.

Harp, William I. (1848-1888) Newberry. Clerk in retail store in Newberry.

Hart, Thomas W. Darlington. Farmer.

Henderson, Robert Harllee (1847-1869) Marion.

Heyward, Robert Barnwell (1848-1918) Charleston. Rice planter near Charleston.

Hodges, John Lawrence (1848-1907) Marlboro. Planter in Bennettsville.

Hubbell, Edward S. (1847-1890) Orangeburg. General merchandise clerk and insurance company president.

Hughes, Beatty F. (?-1901) Union. Prior service with Co. G. 6th SC Cavalry.

Ingram, William D. (1847-?) Chesterfield.

Johnson, Benjamin Jenkins, Jr. (1845-1929) 3rd Congressional District (Pickens). Farmer.

Johnson, David (1847-1894) Union. Judge in Spartanburg.

Johnstone, Francis Withers (1847-1929) Spartanburg. Railway service in Panama and Mexico.

Lanneau, Charles Blum (1846-1937) Charleston. Physician in Charleston and Darlington, SC and Savannah, GA.

Larissey, Henry Mood (1848-?) Colleton.

Latta, Robert James (1847-1919) York. Railroad surveyor in York.

Latimer, William C. (1847-1910) Abbeville. Merchant in Yorkville.

Lee, George Washington (1846-1902) Sumter.

Lewis, John Baylis (1848-1929) Anderson. Prior service with 1st Regiment SC State Troops. Merchant in Belton.

Lipscombe, Francis Wilkinson Pickens (1848-?) Newberry.

Lorick, William Washington (1848-1886) Lexington. Farmer in Lexington.

Lowry, James Ernest (1849-1945) York. Druggist in York.

Madden, Patrick Henry (1848-1914) Lancaster.

Mangum, Johnnie C. (1847-1865) 1st Congressional District (Chesterfield). Prior service with Co. E, 8th SC Infantry and Co. F. 26th SC Infantry.

Martin, William Evans (1848-?) Barnwell. Planter in Hampton Co.

Matthews, Charles Graves (1848-1908) York. Cotton and naval stores factor and commission merchant in Charleston.

Maxcy, Jonathon (1846-1891) Richland. Farmer in Sumter Co.

McBee, Frank Butler (1847-1922) Greenville. Brother of V.E. McBee. Lawyer in Greenville.

McConnell, William Evans (1848-1914) Greenville. Cotton mill employee in Williamston.

McCue, General George Washington (1846-?) Barnwell.

McCullough, David Shields (1848-1895) Greenville. Farmer, livestock dealer, and race-horse breeder in Darlington.

McCullough, John James (1846-1907) Williamsburg. Prior service with 4th Battalion SC Reserves. Farmer in Anderson.

McKay, John Coachman (1848-1872) Charleston. Graduated College of Charleston 1868.

McKewn, George Robert (1846-1916) Orangeburg. Prior service with Co. I (Orangeburg Artillery), 2nd SC Artillery. In Orangeburg.

Miles, David Franklin (1846-1926) Marion. Physician and planter, Marion Co.; legislator and longtime County Clerk.

Miller, William Gray (1845-1911) Pickens. Prior service with Buist’s Company (Palmetto Guards Artillery), SC Artillery. Railway service in Summerville.

Miller, William Martin (1846-1918) Laurens. Farmer in Cross Hill.

Mims, Mark Abbey (1846-1919) Edgefield. In Ridge Spring.

Nichols, E.C. “otherwise known as E.C. Jones” so called in honor of his stepfather, Gen. James Jones, Chairman of the Board of Visitors. (1847-1929) Richland. Postwar, adopted the name Edward Joseph Jones. Farmer.

Norris, James Pope (1848-1925) Edgefield. Prior service with Co. B. 2nd Artillery, Furniture dealer in Columbia.

O’Brien, Andrew Flynn (1845-1890) 2nd Congressional District (Colleton). Prior service as Orderly Sgt., 1st (Gregg’s) Regiment SC Infantry. Lost right arm at Spotsylvania Court House, VA. Worked for SC Railway in Charleston, later an attorney.

O’Dell, William Taylor (1847-1933) Pickens. Farmer near Liberty; state senator.

Owens, B.H. (1843-?) 1st Congressional District. Prior service with Zimmerman’s Company (Pee Dee Light Artillery), SC Artillery. WIA Chancellorsville.

Owens, Ell L. (1848-1918) Barnwell. In Columbia.

Paine, Edward Tattnall, Jr. (1848-1898) Charleston. In New York City.

Parrott, J.W. (1847-?) Darlington. Prior service with Ward’s Battalion, SC Reserves. In Effingham.

Parrott, Thomas Hardee (1847-1929) Darlington. Farmer at Swift Creek.

Pearson, Philip (1849-1896) Richland.

Pitts, Robert M. (1847-?) Sumter. Farmer in Sumter.

Powell, William B. (1849-1924) Richland. Physician in Columbia.

Prentice, Robert J. (1848-?) Colleton.

Prioleau, Edward Harleston (1847-1928) Charleston. Ship broker and commission merchant in Charleston.

Rawls, Benjamin Andrew (1848-?) Prior service with 3rd Regiment SC Reserves. Supposedly captured and paroled near Greenville in April 1865. Mercantile interests in New York and Columbia; city alderman.

Reed, Walter F. Colleton. Prior service with Capt. Charbonnier’s Company (Pickers Rifles) SC Militia. Planter in Charleston Co.

Reid, Samuel Henry (1846-1913) Chesterfield. Received appointment but did not report as he was a prisoner. Carried on roster of Cadets at war’s end. Farmer in Cheraw.

Reeves, James B. (1849-?) Charleston. Insurance agent in Charleston.

Reynolds, John Schreiner (1848-1909) Charleston. Historian, attorney, and legislator. Prior service with Co. H. 3rd SC Troops.

Richardson, John Madison (1848-1907) Edgefield. Farmer in Anderson.

Ripley, John Calhoun (1849-1884) Charleston. Building materials dealer in Charleston.

Robinson, James Kirk, Jr. (1847-1866) Charleston.

Rogers, John Terrell (1846-1912) Marlboro. Farmer in Society

Ryan, Thomas A. (1848-1866) Charleston. Farmer near Moncks Corner.

Sams, Barnwell Stanyarne (1845-1928) Beaufort. Son of Dr. M.M. Sams.

Sams, Joseph Edings (1848-1865) Charleston. First cousin of R.O. Sams. Died in service Mar. 22, 1865.

Sanders, W.A. (?-1891) 6th Congressional District. Prior service with 2 Co. I, 6th SC Infantry. WIA Campbell’s Station. Lost an arm. Lawyer in Chester, 1890.

Schipman, James Harris (1847-1884) Charleston. Left to join Co. F. 6th SC Cavalry. Merchant and turpentine dealer. He changed his name to James John Schipman.

Sheppard, Lafayette (1847-1911) Edgefield. Prior service with Rhett’s Company (Brooks Light Artillery), SC Artillery.

Sheppard, Walter Scott (1848-1893) Edgefield. Physician in Greenwood.

Sigwald, Edward C. (1848-1867) Charleston. Watchmaker in Charleston.

Silcox, Ferdinand Augustus (1846-1897) Charleston. Factor and commission merchant in Charleston.

Simons, Keating Lewis, III (1847-1917) Charleston. Planter in Berkeley County.

Sistrunk, George (1844-?) Spartanburg.

Small, James C. Georgetown.

Smith, Thomas Ogier (1849-1891) Charleston. Clerk in Charleston.

Smyth, Joseph Ellison Adger (1847-1942) Charleston. Prior service as Sgt., 3rd Regiment SC State Troops. Wealthy industrialist in Anderson and Greenville.

Stackhouse, James (1849-1919) Marion. Dealer in livestock and farm implements, Marion. Mayor and State Senator.

Stephenson, Daniel H. (1849-?) Chester. Bookkeeper in Columbia.

Stephenson, Henry McNeil (1848-1928) Chester. Farmer at Hazlewood.

Stewart, James Mushatt (1847-?) Fairfield. Farmer. Attended USC and UVA.

Strauss, Henry Clay (1848-1912) Abbeville. Clerk in Charleston and York. Dry goods merchant.

Strohecker, Thomas Hamlin (1847-?) Charleston. Graduated College of Charleston 1870. Clerk in Charleston.

Sullivan, George Washington, Jr. (1848-1928) Laurens. Prior service as Orderly Sgt., 1st Regiment SC State Troops. Farmer and merchant in Anderson Co. and State Senator.

Taylor, Charles G. (1848-?) Richland.

Thomas, William Rosborough (1848-1899) Fairfield. Manufacturing executive in New York City. Brother of Cadets Edward and Peyre Thomas. First cousin of Capt. J.P. Thomas.

Vance, Samuel Watson (1847-1901) Pickens. Insurance broker in Pickens and Greenwood Co.; state civil servant.

Villepigue, J. Frederick (1848-1898). In Macon, Ga.

Walker, George O. (1845-1897) Edgefield.

Walker, George Williams (1848-1911) Union. Methodist minister and college president in Augusta, GA.

Waller, Edward Henry (1848-?) Abbeville. Brother of C.G. Waller.

Ward, Theodore O. (1846-?) 5th Congressional District (Pickens District). Prior service with 22nd Regiment SC Infantry. Physician in Reidville.

Waring, Edward Perry (1848-1916) Charleston. Agent for SC Railway in Charleston.

Wienges, Jacob Conrad (1848-1895) Charleston. Clerk for SC Railway in Charleston.

Williams, Archibald Campbell (1847-1912) Colleton. Left in Feb. 1865 and joined Co. F (St. Peter’s Guards), 3rd SC Cavalry. Teacher in Verdier Township.

Williams, William (1848-?) Colleton.

Willingham, Thomas Henry, IV (1849-1909) Barnwell. Attorney in Macon, GA.

Wilson, Edward Morton (1847-1897) Charleston. Bookkeeper in Charleston.

Wilson, Matthew Harvey (1848-1911) Abbeville. Farmer in Abbeville.

Withers, Andrew Springs (1848-1907) York. In York.

Witherspoon, Charles LeRoy (1844-1890) Williamsburg. Prior service with Co. C (Manning Guards), Hampton Legion. Farmer in Clarendon Co.

Youmans, Augustus Marion (1846-1894) Beaufort. Attorney in Hampton Co.; legislator.

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